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Property Shark Building

Innovative condominium administration and management services.

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Property Shark Engineering

Engineering and architectural services for the maintenance, renovation, and energy efficiency practices for buildings.

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Property Shark Contractor

General Contractor services for the complete management of real estate projects.

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Comprehensive Engineering and Architectural Services for Building Maintenance, Renovation, and Energy Efficiency.

We specialize in the technical, engineering, and architectural domains, exclusively dedicated to planning and executing all phases, including preliminary, design, and implementation, for property maintenance, renovation, and enhancing energy efficiency.

Our primary objective is to ensure the utmost enhancement of your properties, achieved through precisely targeted and high-quality interventions.







Our team's working philosophy is firmly grounded in the principles mentioned above.


Our extensive knowledge enables us to effectively cater to a diverse array of client needs, allowing us to work proficiently on various property types, ranging from private residences to commercial and industrial complexes.


The entitlement to a healthy environment is acknowledged both internationally and regionally. Article 12(2)(b) of the International Covenant on Economic, Social, and Cultural Rights (ICESCR) mandates member states to enhance "all facets of environmental and industrial hygiene." Consequently, it is incumbent upon us all to exercise responsible and sustainable stewardship of our natural resources.


In the realm of building renovation and maintenance, our focus centres on green building practices and sustainable technologies. Our overarching objective is to ensure peak energy efficiency by leveraging eco-friendly materials, sustainable construction methodologies, and cutting-edge energy- saving innovations. To fulfil this commitment, we employ strategies such as optimal thermal insulation, the incorporation of renewable energy systems, the utilization of sustainable construction materials, and the maximization of lighting and heating efficiency. This approach not only diminishes the environmental footprint of our projects but also yields substantial energy cost reductions for property owners. In essence, our mission is to deliver top-tier renovation solutions characterized by technical excellence, environmental sustainability, and economic viability, all while upholding the highest standards of professional ethics and social responsibility.

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We offer a diverse array of scaffolding and building materials, thoughtfully curated to address the unique requirements of our valued customers. Our product range encompasses solutions tailored to a broad spectrum of projects, spanning from routine maintenance to comprehensive renovation or new construction endeavours.

For inquiries regarding the procurement of our products, please feel free to reach out to our dedicated sales team at We are readily available to help and address any questions you may have.

Pedemonte S.r.l.: The Construction Excellence of the Shark Group

The construction firm, “Pedemonte S.r.l.”, stands as a cornerstone in our vision for high-quality, secure, and reliable construction.

Established and nurtured upon a strong foundation of safety, quality, and assurance, Pedemonte S.r.l. has forged an illustrious history within the industry, specializing in the construction and refurbishment of buildings and private real estate units.

Bolstered by a team of extensively trained professionals and a dedication to ongoing learning and development, the company pledges efficiency, punctuality, and cost-effectiveness in each of its endeavours.

Driving interventions for energy efficiency

Our commitment lies in enhancing the energy efficiency of properties through precisely targeted and innovative interventions, resulting in a substantial advancement of at least two energy classes.

Termed as “driving” interventions, their primary objective is to markedly elevate the energy efficiency and sustainability of buildings.

Insulating thermal coat

We employ a high-quality insulating thermal coating that ensures roof insulation with minimal heat dispersion. This intervention targets building envelopes, encompassing opaque vertical, horizontal, or inclined surfaces, constituting over 25% of the structure. This leads to a substantial enhancement in the buildings’ thermal insulation.

Heating System Renovation

We provide versatile solutions for upgrading winter air conditioning systems. These options encompass the installation of condensing boilers integrated with state-of-the-art thermoregulation systems, hybrid generators that amalgamate the functionality of gas boilers and heat pumps, as well as the implementation of high-efficiency heat pumps. Our aim with these choices is to cut energy consumption while simultaneously ensuring the preservation of optimal environmental comfort.

Roof Insulation

In conjunction with thermal insulation, we place a significant emphasis on optimizing roof insulation—an essential component for mitigating heat loss and enhancing the overall energy efficiency of the buildings.

Anti-seismic interventions

Moreover, we conduct anti-seismic interventions to enhance the structural safety of buildings. We implement advanced engineering solutions aimed at minimizing the seismic vulnerability of structures.

Efficientamento energetico immobili

We ensure the energy efficiency of your properties

We are dedicated to enhancing the energy efficiency of properties through targeted “driving interventions” that guarantee the advancement of at least two energy classes. Our commitment extends to the use of premium materials, exemplified by our thermal insulating coat, ensuring optimal roof insulation and minimal heat loss. Additionally, we address the insulation of all opaque surfaces, whether vertical, horizontal, or inclined, which collectively constitute over 25% of the building envelope.

When it comes to upgrading winter air conditioning systems, we offer a range of tailored solutions aligned with the property’s specific needs and the customer’s preferences. Our options encompass condensing boilers paired with advanced thermoregulation systems, hybrid generators designed for maximum energy efficiency, and environmentally friendly and highly efficient heat pumps.

Our ultimate objective is to enhance property energy efficiency, thus contributing to a reduction in environmental impact while creating comfortable and cost-effective living environments for residents.

With Shark Building, energy efficiency is not just a guarantee, but a concrete commitment towards a more sustainable future.

Additional Interventions

Our commitment extends to the execution of primary energy efficiency interventions, referred to as “driving,” as well as supplementary interventions, termed “driven.” The cost of these interventions may be eligible for deduction under the 110% Superbonus until December 31, 2023, facilitating substantial cost savings for our clients.

Photovoltaic System Installation

Harness the power of solar energy, a renewable and environmentally sustainable source, for the autonomous generation of electricity.

Energy Storage Systems

We offer storage systems designed to capture and store the solar energy you produce, allowing you to utilize it as needed, thereby optimizing your energy self-sufficiency.

Solar Screens

We provide solar protection solutions designed to minimize heat absorption within your building while enhancing interior comfort.

Elimination of Architectural Barriers

We are dedicated to ensuring that properties are accessible to all, enhancing liveability, and adhering to current regulations.

Electric Vehicle Charging Stations

We specialize in the installation of charging infrastructure for electric vehicles, a significant stride toward promoting sustainable mobility.

Remote Home Automation Services

We offer home automation services enabling remote control of various devices and systems within your property, ultimately enhancing both energy efficiency and overall comfort.

We are readily available to assist you in resolving any challenges you may encounter. We are here to assist you in resolving any issue! Place your trust in our wealth of experience and expertise in property maintenance and energy efficiency.

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Property Shark Building

Innovative condominium administration and management services.

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Property Shark Contractor

General Contractor services for the complete management of real estate projects.

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